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We Are Family!

Monday, April 10th

Dear Friends:

We had such a great time this past Saturday at our “We Are Family” campaign kickoff celebration at Mahoney’s in Poughkeepsie! For me, it was double the fun because Saturday was also my birthday! My good friend Congressman Pat Ryan stopped by to offer some powerful words. But my favorite part? Seeing so many families – moms, dads, grandmas, and plenty of kids – show up to share in our moment to bring real change to our community.

People often ask me, why are you running for Dutchess County Executive? Why now? After Saturday’s event, I can honestly sum up my answer into one word: Family.

We are fighting for working families to have safe and affordable homes in Dutchess County. We are fighting food insecurity to make sure all our kids have enough to eat – and when they graduate, we’re fighting to keep those young people right here at home by creating green careers and union jobs that make sense in the 21st Century. We’re fighting to keep seniors in their homes in the middle of this unprecedented national housing crisis.

Again, it’s all about family.

I’m so proud of my teammates who are fighting for families just as hard as I am. I hope you will join our growing Dutchess County family, too! There are so many ways to get involved! Here’s a few suggestions:

Host a Team Tommy barbecue this summer at your home! Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? I know I do. You can bring your friends and family together to meet Tommy and talk about the issues we all care about, right in your own backyard.

Attend any of our Team Tommy events listed on our monthly Tour Calendar! There’s always something going on, and we would love to see you out on the road! Check out our social media for the latest Tour Calendar, and get ready for some fun together!

Sign up for a monthly donation on Act Blue! The election on November 7th is 211 days away. That might sound like a lot of time, but it really is not! Consider giving a monthly donation right up until election day, to keep us in this fight to support our working families, our seniors, and our young folks in Dutchess County. It means a lot to have your support!

Last Saturday, our “We Are Family” event at Mahoney’s was such an inspiring moment for so many, because we realized that nothing is stronger than family. I hope you will join our Dutchess County Family by getting involved in any way you choose. I look forward to seeing you out on the road, very soon. Thanks for listening! See you next week!

Respectfully, Tommy


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