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Two Weeks Notice

Monday, October 16th

Dear Friends:

We had a wonderful time this past Saturday in Lagrangeville at the annual Chip Hoagland Democratic Brunch, sponsored by the Union Vale Democrats, the Pawling Democrats, and the LaGrange Democrats. What a great turnout! I was truly honored to accept the Gertie Strum Award for Service, but I’d like to apologize to the event organizers Mike and Heidi Tucci if I seemed a bit out of sorts that day. Luckily, my teammate Kenya was there to fire up the crowd.

I had a pretty good excuse for feeling low. You see, earlier that day I attended the Walk for Freedom in Poughkeepsie, to bring awareness to Human Trafficking. (I think everyone knows I’m a proud board member at Grace Smith House, so this is an issue close to my heart, for sure.) The event was organized by various nonprofits. But when it came time to start the program, they introduced Sue Serino as “our next Dutchess County Executive.”

Hey! I mean, I’m standing right here.

Friends, I’m not going to waste your time complaining about the Republicans’ bag of dirty tricks. There’s nothing new here. We know they don’t listen. We know they don’t care. And we certainly know they don’t lead.

There are only two weeks until early voting starts on October 28th, and we can’t waste a second of that time. We need to focus on the work ahead. We can’t get distracted by Republicans making up their own rules, stealing lawn signs, and showing their true colors.

We are going to win. We’re going to win the right way. And Republicans can’t stand it.

These next two weeks before early voting starts on October 28th are the most critical period for the entire election. Here’s what everyone can do over the next two weeks before the polls open:

  • Make a plan to knock on doors. When the polls open, most people have already made up their minds about voting. That’s why it’s so crucial that we talk to as many folks as possible over the next two weeks before polls open. There’s still time to change some minds and tell people about the truth on the issues we all care about. Never knocked on doors before? That’s okay! You can walk with friends and have fun while doing it. Contact your local Democratic Committee today and they will help you every step of the way. Knocking on doors is probably the most effective way to carry our message to the people who otherwise might not vote this year. Let’s get out there and make a difference, one door at a time! Make a plan to talk to your neighbors. When you’re out walking the dog for your morning walk, that’s a wonderful time to engage your neighbors and ask if they’re voting this year. It doesn’t matter if they are Democrats or Republicans, because we know the “D” stands for Decency this year. Nobody wants to stuff our homeless folks in jail. Nobody wants a County Executive who declares a “state of emergency” before 80 migrant workers move into the Red Roof Inn. And no one wants their county government to give away $25 million of taxpayer money to build luxury boxes in a ballpark you can’t even call Dutchess County Stadium anymore. Once you tell your neighbors that, I can almost guarantee they will see this upcoming election with a lot more clarity. Make your plan to vote. Voting is so much better when you do it together! Early voting is October 28th to November 5th, and Election Day is November 7th. Huddle up with your friends and family to pick a day and time you will all head out to vote together (and if there’s ice cream at the end of that rainbow, hey, all the better.) Democracy is a team sport! In addition, we know transportation can be difficult for many, especially for our seniors, when it is time to vote. Why not reach out to all the folks you know who might need a ride to the polls, and make a transportation plan with them, as well? Everyone should have the same chance to have their voice heard. Become an Election Day hero by making sure everyone you know in Dutchess County has that chance! And if you are the one who needs a ride to the polls, please reach out! If no one responds, call me! I will be happy to give you a ride to cast your vote – you might have to put up with some weird music on the way, however! Make your plan to donate. With two weeks left, this is the last stretch where your donation will make a difference. If you’ve donated in the past, you can make one last donation. And if you’ve never donated before, this is your last chance to make a difference and support a candidate before voting starts. As the song says, it’s now or never! For this letter, I want to invite everyone to donate $14 to remind us there are only two weeks before voting starts. If everyone who reads this email donated $14, we would be in a great position to win this election! We never take money from corporations or corporate PACs. We only accept donations from local heroes just like you! So please consider donating $14 to our campaign using the secure Act Blue link below. It will make a huge difference, and it’s your last chance to support us here in the final stretch!

Friends, consider this your two weeks' notice! Sure, we’ve still got a lot of work to do. But if we work together, I know we’ll finally put an end to the culture of fear in Dutchess County, and replace it with decency and kindness. We can finally have county leaders who put the health of our kids above the bottom line of outside corporations. And we can look forward to a county government that listens to all our residents, especially those who have been ignored, overlooked, and disrespected for 32 years now.

Again, please consider donating $14 to our campaign today with the secure Act Blue link below, to remind us that these next fourteen days are the most critical stretch in the entire election.

I want to thank Heidi and Mike for building such a great event on Saturday. And thank you, for listening! See you next week for my final letter before the polls open!

Respectfully, Tommy


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