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Changing Our World Starts At Home

Monday, April 24th

Dear Friends:

A very Happy Earth Day to all! I hope you took the opportunity this weekend to get outside and participate in some Earth Day activities organized in your community. On Saturday, I joined the Earth Day Community Clean Up in my hometown of Poughkeepsie, and it was refreshing to see so many young people – including dozens of my amazing Marist College students! – taking an active part in making their community a better place. Indeed, the kids are all right.

It reminded me of the truism I think every teacher tries to pass along to their students: changing our world starts at home.

Sometimes we get discouraged when we think of the enormous global challenges facing our planet. We feel so small and powerless every time we turn on the TV. But in reality, there’s so much we can do right here in Dutchess County to fight climate change and promote sustainability! From overhauling our county transit system, to supporting our local family farms, to working with our labor unions to attract more green jobs, there’s always a way to make a true and lasting impact on our community, and our planet. Our kids deserve nothing less!

Of course, many of our opponents don’t even want to admit climate change exists. That’s scary, in itself. They always tell us, you’re wasting your time. They roll their eyes and say, you’ll never make a difference. You’ll never finish what you started.

(By the way, that’s exactly what they said about a certain big guy in a funny hat walking across America, but I think we can close the book on that one.)

Our wonderful leaders Pat Ryan and Michelle Hinchey are both working hard to pass legislation in Washington, D.C. and Albany that will bring green jobs and sustainability initiatives to the Hudson Valley. They need a true partner in Dutchess County government to get the job done – someone who understands the importance of working together. They don’t need a county government that simply buries its head in the sand when it comes to tackling complex problems like climate change.

Yes, changing our world starts at home. If you care about our environment, I hope you will join us to bring real change to Dutchess County. Please consider donating to our campaign with the secure Act Blue button below. I will never take money from corporations or PACs, so we need your help to share our message of hope with every single voter in Dutchess County! You can also pitch in by bringing your energy to any of our Team Tommy events listed on our monthly tour calendar. And please consider hosting a Team Tommy barbecue at your home this summer!

Happy Earth Day! Here’s to healing our planet, one determined county at a time. As always, thanks for listening! I will see you next time!

Respectfully, Tommy


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