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Tommy believes our county government should focus on one thing: helping people.

Full stop.

Image by Jessica Furtney

Helping Seniors Stay in Their Homes

Everyone in Dutchess County is feeling the impact of the unprecedented national housing crisis. Seniors on a fixed income are facing eviction or resorting to predatory lenders, and our working families can't find affordable homes to raise their kids. Tommy's first priority as Dutchess County Executive will be to implement common sense housing programs that will help our seniors and working families keep the homes they have worked so hard for.

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

Helping Our Youth Succeed

It's hard to believe we have school kids right here in Dutchess County who rely on school lunch as their only square meal, but it's true. Tommy believes we need to do a better job fighting food insecurity across the county, to give our youth a chance to excel in the classroom. And when they graduate, our young people need career opportunities right here at home, which is why Tommy will fight to bring more good-paying, green jobs to Dutchess County.


Helping Our Veterans Get the Support They Deserve

Tommy has been working tirelessly as a veteran advocate in our community to help our heroes find the services they need. He created the VetZero Ride program, which has provided almost 3,000 free rides for veterans to their vital appointments. Tommy believes we can -- and must -- do more to support our veterans. That's why he will work to expand veteran outreach programs in Dutchess County so that all our heroes -- including those living in rural parts of the county -- can get the support they deserve.

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